Sustainable Swimwear

Sustainable swimwear from Alicia Swim is made from high quality Italian recycled fabrics created to flatter any size or shape. Every product in our swimwear range has been specifically designed with sustainability as its core without compromising the look, the quality or comfort.

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Our sustainable swimwear range is for discerning customers who like to dress well without compromise. For those who know that looking this good doesn’t have to cost the planet!

All products are made from recycled materials and include shape retention technology to ensure maximum durability and comfort. You’ll always look your best with Alicia Swim!

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All sustainable swimwear is manufactured to the highest standards and shipped efficiently to minimise our carbon footprint. Even the labels, swimwear pouch and packaging are recycled!

All sustainable swimwear in our range is ethically sourced and manufactured, created by local artisans and shipped in the most efficient way possible. Alicia Swim has done everything possible to lower the environmental impact of sourcing, manufacturing and shipping all our products.

We source the highest quality recycled fabric from Italy and ship it to Mauritius. We use local artisans or craftsmanshipraft to manufacture all our products to help sustain the community as well as the environment.

Alicia was born in Mauritius and wants to do everything she can to help her community thrive in an ethical way. Helping create a sustainable skilled workforce while using responsible manufacturing practices is one way to help preserve a community she loves, in a country she loves.

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