Bikini Tops
Alicia Swim bikini tops are all about looking fabulous while being sustainable and comfortable. Whether you’re lazing by the pool or splashing through the surf, we want everyone to look amazing!

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Bikini tops are an incredibly flexible form of beachwear. Partner with matching bikini bottoms for a matching set, mix and match your styles and colours, pair with some jeans or Daisy Duke’s or wear them however you like.

It’s as much about the freedom to express yourself as it is about comfort and support!

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Our collection of eco friendly bikini tops prove that looking good doesn’t have to cost the earth. Neither do you have to look like you’re wearing recycled clothing!

Available in a range of fits, colours, patterns and shapes, there is a bikini top here for every taste. From triangles to halters, bandeaus to tankinis, there is a look here that’s just perfect for your needs.

We have exhaustively tested every colour, pattern and design in our bikini top range to ensure they provide the support you need and the looks you’re going for. We think they compete well with bikini tops from any major brand.

All bikini tops sold by Alicia Swim are manufactured using recycled nylon and are hand made in Mauritius. That gives them a depth and character that will make you look amazing wherever you spend your summer!

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