High Waist Bikinis

High waist bikinis have never been out of fashion. They flatter too much, they have too much class and they leave too much to the imagination to ever go out of trend. They are perfect for any occasion!

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Styles come and go but the high waist bikini remains. Brazilians, thong bikini bottoms, flirty fits and fold overs have all come and gone but the high waist bikini remains. Why? Because it’s a timeless classic that never fails to deliver!

Whatever your size, whatever your shape, nothing makes you look as amazing as a high waist bikini.

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High waist bikinis help make your legs look longer and your thighs look slimmer as well as accentuating your curves. They can flatter any body shape, which is why they have never gone out of fashion.

Some of our high waist bikinis hark back to the heyday of fashion, the fifties and sixties when the fuller figure ruled and a lot was left to the imagination. Relive those glory days with classic cut high waist bikini bottoms with a modern twist.

Whether you’re strutting your stuff or relaxing by the pool, nothing looks as stylish, or as timeless as the high waist bikini.

Alicia Swim stocks a range of shapes, sizes, colours and patterns ideal for any situation.

All high waist bikinis are manufactured from sustainable ECONYL regenerated nylon and are hand made with love in Mauritius.

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