Alicia’s Nutrition Advice – Food combining principles

How does it sound if I told you, there is no need to deprive yourself but its more about combining your meals correctly. Some food groups don’t agree with each other- Here are some tips on how to nourish yourself for optimal digestion.

Light to heavy – Light foods digest quickly. In order to prevent gas, bloating and indigestion and to structure a meal correctly, you want to start with a salad for example before digging into a heavier cooked meal, not the other way around. The reason for this is that your lighter meals will digest faster and rot on top of your heavier food which can lead to weight gain. That is why fruit at the end of a meal is not recommended.

Fruit – The best time is to eat fruit first thing in the morning. Why? Breakfast is when you are ‘break’ing your ‘fast’, so you want to start with something easy on your system. Fruit takes about 20 minutes to digest so you want to wait at least that amount of time before tucking into anything else. Having fruit after a meal is actually a bad idea- It breaks down quickly compared to other foods that can take hours to absorb. This will cause unwanted gas as well as fermentation and general upset like bacterial overgrowth.

“Quick tip: If you are eating multiple fruits and one of them happens to be a banana, eat that one last, it takes a little longer to digest than the rest.”

Bread and starches – A lot of us feel like bread is a guilty pleasure- but it doesn’t have to be! If you combine your favorite high quality bread, with vegetarian options like sweet potato, squash, avocado, leafy greens, you can have bread without the remorse, promise! (my favorite breads are spelt and sourdough -quick tip: the heavier and dense the bread is, the better it is for you) The trick is to not combine with any animal protein.

Animal Protein and Vegetables – The best way to eat animal protein for a happy belly is to combine with non starchy vegetables like spinach or broccoli. A simple rule to remember is not to mix with “white” carbohydrates- so no bread, potatoes, white pasta, rice.. Don’t worry, you can still eat those starches, just make sure you combine them with non-animal meat. Just remember that if you are cooking a starch, mix in vegetables like eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes and beetroot. Sorry to say, but pasta bolognese is a no-no!

The best thing about eating this way is that you don’t really have to calorie count or restrict portions, just remember to add in some exercise and always buy the best quality organic food whenever possible.

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